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Mt Batulao Nasugbu, Batangas

Mt. Batulao is a singualr jagged ridge, reached by foot after a lengthy trek through exposed countryside and sunbleached plantations. The peak lies along an odd assortment of broken peaks that dot the western side of Batangas. The mountain has a steep ascent to a narrow campsite at it's summit. The slopes are thickly covered with spiny cogon and outcroppings of loose rock. There is a campsite at the foot of the peak that has a small hut which serves as the only shelter on sweltering days. There are several streams nearby but the quality of the water is somewhat questionable because of runoff from plantations that might contain fertilizer or other similar substances.

To get to Mt. Batulao, take a bus headed for Nasugbu in Batangas up to Evercrest Golf Club in Tagaytay City. Get off the bus at the gate of the golf club then trek into the next barangay following the same road past the clubhouse. Ask around or follow the trail to the right and up a small hilly plantation. Turn left and follow the trail to the campsite, keeping Mt. Batulao to the right of your line of sight until you reach the campsite clearing at the base of the ascent.

CAUTION : Although we have taken steps to confirm the veracity of the content of this site, it is ALWAYS advisable to go with an organized group, WITH a knowledgeable guide. Furthermore, the information provided here is meant only to describe the general location of the area. YOU should take steps to confirm these facts and BE responsible enough to ENSURE your personal safety, SECURE all necessary logistics for this activity. These are inherently DANGEROUS activities, take all precautions!

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