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So here we are finally,
Entwined by time and season,
Holding our breaths in quiet expectation,
Gently, like the air beneath a falling leaf,
In the absence of words, from eyes that fall into eternity,
And in the meaningful silence,
that is the language it so eloquently speaks.
And as we lie quietly still,
As on the verge of an emerging day,
Palms close together, reassuring the deeper heart,
That which we use so much for feeling,
but ironically can never touch,
Although it may never be of such importance,
As the common heartbeat that courses through our hands,
For earth may fall beneath us,
And heavens disappear above,
So long as here we stay together,
In the recluse of our common love.
And should we find all the reasons to fall apart,
And none but one to stay together,
I pray to hold ourselves in each otherís warmth,
For I have nothing beyond each otherís keeping.
In your arms, I have nothing that I have yet to find,
That is not already where we found each other,
There is nothing left to see, or feel,
For everything that I seek to be,
Burns, in the sweet flames of our affinity.