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Unravel some thoughts for a moment to consider,
How I can be farthest from anywhere,
My heart longs to be in quiet embrace,
Through soft whispering nights of indigo weather,
And though it seemed uncomplicated from a distance,
I can no longer dispute the poetry that reign,
In these isles that you have created,
For in despair,
I have withdrawn my words in quiet isolation,
And kept my heart in constant disrepair.
And the convictions that Iíve kept to myself as I walked,
On certain days when I am sometimes farther away,
Than I would rather be, on sleepless nights of careless falling,
As thus, I continue to write the summary of my part,
And retain every memory of each time that you speak,
For the gentle echo of your voice,
Is the disconsolate beating of my heart.