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Mt. Cristobal Parang, Quezon

Mt. Cristobal is often portrayed as the contrary to it's loftier neighbor, Mt. Banahaw. The mountain is percieved, by both climbers and locals alike, as a dark, brooding mountain; compared to the "good mountain" image of Mt. Banahaw. But mythological folktales aside, it's actually a beautiful peak blessed with as much forest cover as Mt. Banahaw. The trails of Mt. Cristobal are almost similar to that of Banahaw, in terms of vegetation and terrain. The first stop-over on the way to the campsite is a two-story house perched on a hill, everybody knows it as the "Montelibano House". you can rest here on the sprawling yard, carpeted with carabao grass, overlooking an expansive view of the surrounding areas. The actual hiking trail is at the back of the house, over a wire fence, and into an uphill trail into the forest. The trek should take the average hiker about 3-4 hours to get to the crater campsite. Caution : Beware walking around the campsite, especially around the pond, as the muddy ground is often waterlogged and unstable.

Take the same way as you would going to Mt. Banahaw, via San Pablo. Tell the jeepney driver to take you to the clearing or "parang" which leads to the "montelibano house". There are no barangay outposts there but there are two sari-sari stores and a small road side chapel. On the way home, you can ask to take a shower at the house directly across the corner from the road you've just walked out of, they have a deep well pump in their yard. If you prefer, you can hike to "kinabuhayan" and bathe in the river. You can also buy "ube" and assorted souvenirs from the numerous stores along the road.

CAUTION : Although we have taken steps to confirm the veracity of the content of this site, it is ALWAYS advisable to go with an organized group, WITH a knowledgeable guide. Furthermore, the information provided here is meant only to describe the general location of the area. YOU should take steps to confirm these facts and BE responsible enough to ENSURE your personal safety, SECURE all necessary logistics for this activity. These are inherently DANGEROUS activities, take all precautions!

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