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This is just a listing of some of our recent (team member) injuries due either to adventure races or climbs. This is our "EXCUSE" board, showing why certain individuals don't show up for training.

Myles Delfin (Mt. Guiting-guiting)
December 2002; puncture wound (right thigh)

Christopher Laurel (Montalban Orienteering Cup)
August 2002; Severe Leg Cramps

Weng Demeterio (Mt. Pinatubo Adventure Challenge)
December 2002; blisters, sprain (both feet)

Myles Delfin (post - Mt. Pinatubo Adventure Challenge)
December 2002; sharp pain (left foot)

No injuries for 2003.

No injuries YET for 2004. This is most likely because
we haven't really competed in anything recently. It
would surely be better if we could actually just climb
and play all the time but, heck, we've been working
our asses off for cold cash and sponsorship! Hope it
pays off soon, the team is getting pretty cranky from
all the sissy, urbanite stuff!

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