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Mt Guiting-guiting Sibuyan Island, Romblon

Mt. Guiting-guiting juts out of the philippine sea like a medieval fortress, perpetually enshrouded in clouds and thick forest cover. It's no wonder that Mt. Guiting-guiting was climbed only recently; the trails are still basic and often narrow enough to create problems for climbers with large packs. The peak is reached after a two day ascent via Mayo's Peak then across a steep "knife edged" ridge, towards the upper flanks of the mountain. The climber is faced by steep crumbly rock faces and exposed, windy trails and scrambles as he goes higher up the mountain. There is an area on the mountain that forms a shoulder toward the upper walls and is known as the "peak ofdeception" as it often presents itself as a summit clearing under thick cloud. The true summit is actually still an hour above "deception" over across an overhanging rock and a short wall section onto a slope heading toward the summit. Be aware that guides often set turn around times for climbers, this is both for safety reasons and convenience as it would truly be an "uncomfortable" situation to climb down in the dark. CAUTION : Even if water is available at the water source below Mayo's Peak, it would be best to filter your water supply well before consumption!

Get in touch with the DOT or the DENR office in Manila and try to get an early reservation for your climbing permit if you're going to climb Mt. Guiting-guiting in the summer. You might end up setting up camp below Mayo's Peak, at Camp 3 (45 minutes below Mayo's Peak) if you don't reserve early! Purchase tickets bound for Cajidiocan, Sibuyan Island (about 650 pesos) at Pier 8, North Harbor in Manila (MBRS Lines, 243 5888 or 243 5886). Alternately, you can also ride a bus to Batangas City Pier and catch the RORO vessel to Magdiwang, Sibuyan (about 360 pesos); that is, if you feel comfortable about riding a slow-moving flat bottomed boat across the vast expanse that seperates Romblon from the main islands. At the pier in Cajidiocan, ride a jeep into town in Magdiwang but ask the driver to drop you off at the corner of the road that leads to "Manong Lee's" house. In Magdiwang port, you can hire a tricycle to take you there. Camp out at Manong Lee's yard or at the school grounds next door while you secure other permits and a guide from the DENR office, Manong Lee will gladly help you with this matter. While you're there, visit the numerous waterfalls around Magdiwang, plunge into the river across Manong Lee's house, go to the beach, or explore the picturesque town of Magdiwang and hunt for souvenirs. Mt Guiting-guiting was declared a Natural Park on February 20, 1996 by then president Fidel Ramos.

CAUTION : Although we have taken steps to confirm the veracity of the content of this site, it is ALWAYS advisable to go with an organized group, WITH a knowledgeable guide. Furthermore, the information provided here is meant only to describe the general location of the area. YOU should take steps to confirm these facts and BE responsible enough to ENSURE your personal safety, SECURE all necessary logistics for this activity. These are inherently DANGEROUS activities, take all precautions!

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