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Maricaban Island Mabini, Batangas

Maricaban Island is only about 140 kilometers away from Manila. The island has grown in popularity in recent years because of its accessibility and the numerous dive spots around the island. Among the more popular dive spots near Maricaban Island is Sombrero Island, the Cathedral, and numerous coral gardens that ring the island. Maricaban has great views of the Batangas coastline as well as the Verde Island Passage. While there, explore the coves, beaches, and the cemetery. Fishing is great. Beware of the thorny Aroma plants and large ants. Remember to bring your own supply of freshwater, although there should be deepwell pump near the cemetery.

there are several ways to access Maricaban Island but the easiest way is to go directly to Anilao as it has a regular coterie of outrigger boats that are readily available for hire. Anilao is about 2 1/2 hours away from Manila by bus. Buses depart for Batangas daily from Pasay and Alabang, it may be necessary to transfer to a jeepney in Batangas for the final ride to Anilao proper. Another way of getting to Maricaban Island is to go directly to the town of Mabini, also in Batangas, then take the regular commuter outriggers that ply the route to Tingloy.

CAUTION : Although we have taken steps to confirm the veracity of the content of this site, it is ALWAYS advisable to go with an organized group, WITH a knowledgeable guide. Furthermore, the information provided here is meant only to describe the general location of the area. YOU should take steps to confirm these facts and BE responsible enough to ENSURE your personal safety, SECURE all necessary logistics for this activity. These are inherently DANGEROUS activities, take all precautions!

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