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destination of the month : Mt Banahaw Dolores, Quezon

Mt. Banahaw is often referred to by many as "the mystic mountain". The reason for this is as plentiful as the devotees who flock there every summer for all manner of religious reasons. The peak itself is 7,177 feet in elevation (2188m) and is mostly covered by primary growth forest although the lower slopes are home to food crop plantations. It is almost always cool in the upper parts of the mountain, especially during the september to january months. The trail on Mt. Banahaw is non-technical although a relative amount of fitness is required to reach its peak. The trek to "unang dungaw" should take between 4 to 8 hours depending on the rate of ascent. There are numerous campsites along the trail that the weary climber can opt to stay the night in. DO NOT STRAY from the trail as it is very easy to get lost!

There are numerous ways to get to Mt. Banahaw but the most popular of them all is through "kinabuhayan" in Quezon. To get there, ride a bus from Pasay or Cubao headed for San Pablo, Laguna. Once you get there look for the Liana's Supermarket terminal of jeepneys headed for Parang. You can hire a jeep for about 300 pesos to 600 pesos depending on your "powers" of negotiation. Beware, its a looong walk uphill from Parang to Kinabuhayan should you decide to scrimp on money. When you get to Kinabuhayan, dont forget to register with the barangay! You can also look for Tatay Pule (the store to the right of the barangay outpost), or Manong Tanyo, he's a wood carver and he owns the hut in "Tatlong Tanke". On the way down, look out for the intersecting "Crystallino" trail, just off "unang dungaw" stay right on the trail if you want to go back down the same way you climbed.

CAUTION : Although we have taken steps to confirm the veracity of the content of this site, it is ALWAYS advisable to go with an organized group, WITH a knowledgeable guide. Furthermore, the information provided here is meant only to describe the general location of the area. YOU should take steps to confirm these facts and BE responsible enough to ENSURE your personal safety, SECURE all necessary logistics for this activity. These are inherently DANGEROUS activities, take all precautions!

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