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INTO... continued

The stream flowing across the bottom of the pit contained freshwater pincher shrimps and small red crabs, perhaps living off on guano droppings and algae. There were also a few small brownish green frogs dining on the various insects that fed on the guano. Spiders, beetles, cockroaches, and a swarm of minute insects also plays a part in this underground ecosystem 180 feet below the surface. I took my measuring tape and Vie and I began to take notes of the cave's dimensions. Before long, it was time for us to head up. The ascent was tougher than we expected. With only one long pitch, the rope had a tendency to spin around which made the climber turn in circles. I had to focus on the rope to keep myself from getting dizzy. But as I progressed upwards, the sunlight combined with a slight rain drizzling from the huge opening above was well worth the view. I should have brought a camera. Frog leaping 180 feet up with a single rope just about drained all the 3 liters of water in my backpack. No amount of water could quench my thirst. Back in camp, Vie treated me to some wonderful exotic sugar palm syrup, mixed with water. It did the trick, and except for the sheer exhaustion, I felt a little better. "Ah,...Yo,…,You,…Ah…" looking at the kid and trying to remember his name… "Delfin!" blurted out Daniel with smiling eyes. We all cracked up once again. "Yes Delfin, thanks for helping us" I said. Daniel was wearing a happy grin.
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