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We've all gone camping at some point in our lives, whether it be the backyard camp-out or your summer-with-the-scouts kind of thing, all of us have had some kind of contact with the outdoors. But since there aren't any 100 foot cliffs and deadly snakes in our backyard, we decided it would be best if we took a few refresher courses. Here are some of the resource clubs and individuals who helped us get all those bumps and bruises on the way to getting, well, a lot more of them!

The Nature Explorers Society
Basic Mountaineering Skills and Techniques

Philippine Caving Society
Advanced Single Rope Technique (under process)

Capt. Meliton Salvadora Jr. / PNP SAF
Jungle Survival and Terrain Recognition

Dr. Domingo Madulid / National Museum of the Phils.
Specimen Collection and Documentation (Flora)

Prof. Osman Jumalon / USC NES
Specimen Collection and Documentation (Lepidoptera)

Penny Velasco / HEI
Community Training / Environmental Education

Dr. Veronica Serrano / Team Physician
General Health Issues

Reggie Pablo / President, Mountaineering Federation of the Phils.
Leave No Trace Guidelines (under process)

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