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prof.julian jumalon


Team Geostride is the official adventure racing team of The Nature Explorers Society. The NES was founded in Cebu City by Prof. Julian Jumalon (pictured on the right, 1930 Mt. Apo, Mindanao / Smithsonian Expedition) and Osman Jumalon among others in 1963. Team Geostride, on the other hand, was created in 1999 to provide an opportunity for the members of the NES to compete and participate in emerging possibilities within the outdoor adventure community. The team is composed of selected members with varying backgrounds and skills. The selection is based on the ability of each team member to propel the team forward cooperatively. Likewise, the team members are also selected for their ability to perform special functions such as volunteer field work for organizations such as Happy Earth Inc., The National Museum of the Philippines, the Tectona Conservation Project, and the Arengga Piñata Conservation Initiative.

Since then, Team Geostride has been a commitment of the NES to help the society evolve into a more flexible and active institution. The team has competed in adventure racing events such as the AXN-Samsung Adventure Race, The Urban Jungle Race, Team Montalban Orienteering Cup, Carera Habagat, and most recently The Mt. Pinatubo Discovery Challenge in Zambales.

Above all else, Team Geostride is an experiment in experiencing the true adventure lifestyle! The team constantly travels to different locales in search of new places that the other members of the NES can ultimately explore. The team continues to grow, and each member unfailingly lives up to the team's guiding principle, "let what we love, be what we do"! The team is sponsored by : Urge Magazine, Bote Central, Arrenga, The Local Government of San Pedro, Laguna, Happy Earth Inc., Kamaru Outdoor Gear, and Batch 1964 of the NES.

Join Us ! If youre interested in becoming a part of the club, or simply to learn more about us - get in touch with us through our e-mail. Or, if you prefer, come with us in one of our adventure activities ! Until then, keep climbing!

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