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Membership to the Nature Explorers Society is always an exciting option for anyone who wishes to link up with a group of people who are constantly on the road to another adventure! The NES is always on the lookout for new members who can contribute their skills and commitment to the society. There are certain things that we look for in prospective members that we invite, for starters, (1) prospective members must have a real love for adventure, (2) a sense of commitment to the team, (3) believe in the concept of "nature conservation through environmental awareness", and (4) must be willing to share his time, skill, and talents with the society. And, oh, did we mention that membership to the NES is strictly by invitation only? But hey, don't let that stop you from sending us your profile and climb resume (if available) for consideration. If everything works out, one of the society's members will sponsor you by sending you an invitation to join!

Send us your electronic registration then wait for your letter of invitation to arrive. It's as simple as that! By the way, don't forget to include your complete mailing address and other relevant contact information in the body of your e-mail. Any information you submit will be treated as confidential and will be deleted from our files if your application doesn't push through, unless of course you wish to stay subscribed to the Team Geostride Website.

Membership Fees

Applicants' Training Kit

Applicant's Membership Kit - Includes Training Manual 01 (NES-TM01), your training passport, hand-outs, applicant's ID Card, and a t-shirt (P 800.00). Training Manual 02 (NES-TM02) is available for successful applicants at (P 200.00 ea)

MFPI Individual Membership

Team Geostride encourages its members to register as individual members of the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines, c/o Mr. Regie Pablo, current MFPI President. You can also take a look at or the mfpi groups on

Annual Fees

Annual Membership Fee - Each member pays an annual fee of 350 pesos at the beginning of March each year.

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