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Entry No. 1 April 2003

We just finished our last race, The Makiling Adventure Challenge, and it was disastrous! We went up against the National Triathlon Teams on a race course that required little or no technical skills. It was a very fast race course, definitely not for a slow team like us who depends mostly on technical skill requirements and similar equalizing factors such as night navigation, etc.. To make matters worse, we had no idea how to handle the heavy, unmanageable fiberglass tubs we were issued for the Laguna Lake crossing. In short, our boat sank several times and we had to walk in muck and mud most of the way to the next control point. Its funny though, how post-race complaining tastes much like sour grapes!

Entry No. 2 May 2003

The team just had its monthly project meeting and we decided to scale back this year temporarily and concentrate on training. We will not be competing in any of the races until late this year. That's it for our Carera Habagat dreams.

Entry No. 3 June 2003

There will be a "secret" climb project somewhere in Batangas in the next 2 months. Everybody, gather around and pitch in for the cost of the "adobo", the "Kare-kare", and the coffee... and we'll need 1 sack of "asin" (salt), since Weng will do the cooking! P.S. and 1 sack of Aji No Moto (msg) : )

Entry No. 4 26 June 2003

Happy Birthday Bing! NES Batch 1964 (USC-NES), Free "lechon" for everybodeee!

Entry No. 5 17 July 2003

Happy Birthday Ka-Allanan "Soy Kompatsoy" Santos!!

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