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Entry No. 6 December 2003

We are here in Mindoro Island, taking care of business with the Puerto Carrera Adventure Race. Everything has gone to shit! Seems like everyone has their own agenda, its everyman for himself! Now its pretty sure that not everyone in the outdoor community is interested in actually becoming a real "community". There's just way too much backstabbing, You wouldn't know where the knives are coming from anymore!

Entry No. 7 January 2004

Well, we barely made it through the Puerto Galera fiasco! That event taught us one important lesson, people really are animals when it comes to money! I think its safe to assume that the event will mark the last time we will ever be involved with a private undertaking such as that. From here on, we'll just stick to corporate sponsors. They're tacky sometimes, but at least they aren't bloodsuckers!

Entry No. 8 February 2004

We've been trying to get back into the pace of preparing for a competition but everything seems out of whack! We might not be able to join the Adventure Race in Tagaytay anymore. It's funny but this time we have the sponsors in place but not the team! We desperately need a female teammate for the race. The only piece of good news so far is that "Lithium Rocker Kyle" is interested in joining the team for this year's Carrera Habagat.

Check back again soon for the next entry : )

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